About Us

Sandra Leigh

Sandra has had masses of wonderful life experience that she shares with her clients. She often jokes that she has many Diplomas in all areas of life, the first being her Diploma in mischief and in leaving school early.

Sandra left school at aged 14 and started full time work in a newsagency in Redcliffe. She just couldn’t wait to get out of school as she struggled with the formal learning environment and just wanted to embrace life as a grown up. Her next Diploma was in property ownership when at age 16 her Dad handed her a rates notice. He told her it was her responsibility to pay it as she was now a property owner. She is still an avid property investor.

At 19 Sandra purchased her first small business; a pet shop in Cairns where she spent the next several years honing her small business skills. Sandra also built her first home at 19 where she gained many valuable lessons in life and money management at a very young age.

Sandra has owned several small businesses over the years and is well associated with the trials and tribulations of a small business ownership. She fully understands how it feels to be stuck and feeling like you don’t know what direction to take with your life or business.

She also knows what it is like to burn out, having done this herself masterfully a few years ago and had to bring herself back to excellent health and learn to live a more balanced life in the process.

Sandra is committed to a healthy, fit and empowered lifestyle and has been on a journey of discovery and self-development for many years. Always having a passion for fitness, and after practicing Pilates and yoga for over 15 years, Pilate’s instruction, coaching & training seemed like a natural choice to pursue after experiencing many positive life and physical benefits as a consequence of these learnings, trainings & disciplines.

Balancing the mind, body and soul connection is a way of life for her and she is committed to sharing this message with her clients in class instruction, one on one personal training & coaching as well as self-development training.

CALL SANDRA LEIGH 0409 625131 OR EMAIL [email protected]

Sandra’s qualifications are varied. In addition to her ‘life lessons’, vast background in customer service, retail and sales, she has undertaken the following trainings and certifications:

  • Diploma in Professional Pilates
  • Intermediate Pilates Certificate
  • Pilates Reformer certificate
  • Pilates post & pre natal training
  • Pilates small apparatus training
  • Pilates injury rehabilitation training
  • Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistics Programming)
  • Master Results Acceleration Coach Performance Consultant (trained by fortune 500 leading executive coaches
  • Kane Minkus & Jeff Slater)
  • Trainer of NLP
  • Presentation & Platform skills
  • Master Ericksonian Hypnosis Advanced Subconscious Reprogramming
  • Certificate IV in Small Business Management
  • Certificate III in Education Support (Teachers Aide)

Sandra is involved with many networking groups on the Sunshine Coast and can often be found as MC of a local event or two. She has two beautiful children Emmaleigh and Isaac.

Her business vision is to:

Support clients to realise their health to its maximum potential, and especaily encourage woman to take action in looking after their bodies and not wait until they are aged and burnt out.

Sandra believes that each and every one of us is uniquely special and that we have gifts to share with the world. She hopes to inspire her clients to step up and share their gifts in order to make the world a better place and so that they can live their lives to the absolute fullest that they can.

Pilates Success offers a range of supportive services such as:

  • Group Pilates instruction
  • Personal training
  • Postural assessments
  • Consultancy services
  • One-on-one personal and business coaching and workshops

The business has a deep commitment to quality long-term relationships, so all may benefit.

Sandra’s personal purpose is to connect authentically, so that she can help create a world where people embrace harmony, abundance & generosity whilst inspiring others to celebrate their health, lives & successes. She is doing this by creating a business that supports health, wellbeing, self development & deep connections (and a bit of fun thrown in).