Postural Assessment

Posture, which refers to the alignment and positioning of the body with respect to gravity, is an important aspect of everyday life. Whether you are sitting or standing, good posture is essential for minimizing strain on your joints and muscles and preventing aches and injuries. Over years, bad posture habits can cause structural changes to the body that affect physical appearance and reduce functioning of joints and muscles — so the sooner you start practising good posture, the better.

Good posture is not just about standing tall, it is also about maintaining balance and stability in all conditions, and our bodies are constantly put under enormous pressure to perform every day.

If you are imbalanced or lack postural strength in any way, you run the risk of injury as well as developing disease of the joints, neck, hips and spine.

Postural assessment will take you through posture in all positions such as standing, walking, sitting front, side and posterior views. You will be assessed on your balance, mobility and strength according to your personal needs.

You will then have an exercise program written exclusively for your situation on ways to correct any muscular imbalances safely, correct your posture AND have a 30 minutes personal coaching/training session to help get you started on your way to perfect posture.

What you get in this assessment is:

  • Full postural assessment
  • Photographs of postural deviations
  • Comprehensive written report
  • Personalised correction program
  • 30 minutes personal training session

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