Success Stories

The following testimonials are from clients that I have had the honour of supporting through some amazing changes within their lives and businesses.They have given me the gift of being a part of the transformation
in themselves and I deeply respect and thank them for their contributions.

Mel C

I had heard many good things about Pilates and its health benefits, I was enthusiastic to try it.

I decided to try Pilates as I was told it was a good for stretching and developing muscle core strength. As I am prone to develop muscle tightness (particularly hamstring) I thought it would benefit me with my muscle recovery.

I have noticed that I have developed more muscle flexibility, strength and control. It gives me an opportunity to receive a physical “workout” and also have the benefit of relaxation at the end of the session.

This has made it easier for me to recover more quickly after a long distance run – as its provides a good muscle stretch to any tightness which may have developed in my muscles. It has also increased my awareness of correct posture and to be conscious of this when sitting at my desk at work.

I would highly recommend this class as it caters for a variety of different skill levels and abilities. It also targets smaller muscle groups, which are often overlooked and not activated when performing movements that require the larger muscle groups to work only. It is a really good class size and room that encourages a relaxing and warm atmosphere to exercise.


Ange Takats

Sandra’s classes have been a tremendous benefit to my physical health.

“As a touring musician, I had been doing damage to my back and neck by lugging around my guitar and suitcase without engaging my core. After months of pain I decided to do something pro-active and began pilates. Sandra’s classes have been a tremendous benefit to my physical health. She’s passionate about helping people and her passion shines through in every class.” – Ange Takats, Singer/Songwriter

Stephanie McGuffog

After only my second class, I really felt my abs in class, and also feel great afterwards.

I was unsure about Pilates because I had tried it once and the teacher didn’t explain it as well. I felt totally lost in that class so didn’t I return!

My body felt like it needed to be stretched and worked in an effective yet gentle way.  Turning 49 this year and I can feel a difference in my joints & flexibility

After only my second class, I really felt my abs in class, and also feel great afterwards (especially after your relaxation mediation). This class will keep me aware of my body, my posture and keep me flexible. Help me manage my stress levels too!

I would you recommend this class to anyone who wants to look after their health and improve flexibility and core strength



Thank goodness I was never unsure or sceptical about Pilates having worked at a Pilates Studio.

I knew I needed to start Pilates again as I missed the benefits of being able to turn my TA on and be more aware of my body.

it also reminds me to watch my posture. I believe everyone needs Pilates .

I am really enjoying the classes and the benefits I get from each class.


Megan B

Pilates has improved my golf swing.

After starting Pilates classes with Sandra, I changed my set up routine to include engaging my T- Line , relaxing my shoulders and then start my backswing. I have stating hitting the ball farther than ever! I’m excited about that.


I am giving you a big hug when I see you next.

Three months of chiro, physio, drugs, no exercise…..and after my second pilates class with you I wake up to no pain. You are a genius.

Jen – Paediatric Speech Pathologist – Eye Can Spell


Sandra is just the best Pilates teacher guys.

If you are looking for someone to teach you Pilates go to Sandra, speaking from experience



I was unsure about coming to class due to commitment with limited time to spare.

I decided to do Pilates due to lack of fitness etc…

The benefits I have by going is better breathing, overall composure & more inspiration. I now have a better stance, I am more relaxed, composed and have more mobility.

I would recommend this class because there is no stress, it is relaxing and invigorating.


Pilates makes me feel really good to go and sets me up for a positive day.

I was always sure of doing Pilates as I had done it about 10 years ago with success at the time.

I decided to do Pilates 
because of lower back pain and definitely to reduce my stomach/middle area.

The benefits I have are:- not as much back pain, a greater body awareness of how slack my posture can be if I don’t use my core muscles and the reality that somewhere under my tummy fat are muscles getting stronger and stronger in a subtle but gradual way!!

Pilates makes me feel really good to go and sets me up for a positive day! I like the variety of exercises each week (eg with balls and bands etc) to mix it up a little and love the meditation bit at the end too!!

I would recommend anyone to your class. As you know I have already done this and know some other ladies who often ask about it but work full time, have kids and busy lives and don’t know when they could get to class though which seems to be the only thing stopping them.


I recommend this class to anyone who needs to strengthen their muscles to improve their posture.

Up until now I thought yoga and gardening would supply all my exercise needs and Pilates was not really necessary.

I have decided to do Pilates now that I have reached 60 years old.  I have found I need the specific targeting of my core muscles to build strength for future wellbeing.

As an holistic therapist and personal empowerment coach I understand the importance of embracing new experiences whenever it is necessary.

I know I walk taller and my posture will improve over time. I also move with greater ease and confidence.  In other words, I feel better about myself.

I recommend this class to anyone who needs to strengthen their muscles to improve their posture.


I was unsure that Pilates would be too strong for the problem areas I have.

I decided to try it because I desire to be pain free and to have good posture. I have received Increased body awareness – and of how I should be standing etc – this is not something we instinctively can do as we have learned so many bad habits or lost strength through illness etc.

My pain level has certainly reduced and because I am more aware, I am able to re-adjust when I catch myself feeling bad.

I would recommend this class because you can work at your own level and also there is the element of mind -body addressed which makes it so much more meaningful. The meditation at the close of the class sends you home with both mind and body feeling wonderful!!


Even business coaches need a coach.

And Sandra Kelly is a great coach. She has helped me work through some of my own deep seated blockages and form new habits. Habits that have increased my income, improved my coaching skills and taken my business to the next level.

If you are a business owner and you need a coach make sure you engage Sandra. NOW!

Sharon – Business Coach and founder of FastTrack Results

Sally Steward Associates

With Sandra as your coach and trainer you are in exceptional hands.

“I have been fortunate enough to have engaged Sandra Kelly on numerous occasions over the last 18 months, to assist with my business, personal and health challenges.

Sandra is extremely insightful, knowledgeable and has an astounding understanding in holistic practices. Her expertise in pilates, business and life strategies has enormous benefit to anyone who is looking to move forward, achieve success and create results that really make a difference.

Sandra’s extensive background and training along with her skills, tools and cutting edge techniques will most certainly move you to the next level, have you feeling fitter and healthier than ever and overcome any challenges you may be facing.

With Sandra as you coach and trainer you are in exceptional hands. Sandra has assisted me with her skills in posture alignment, health and business. I no longer experience any back pain, have increased confidence, launched a new business and have clarity and focus to move me forward with specific results.

I highly recommend Sandra, she brings fun, heart and an extraordinary insight into human behavior, I urge you to have her on your team.

Sally Steward Associates Business Relationship Counsel


I wholeheartedly recommend Sandra’s coaching services.

I asked Sandra to help me overcome a habit that I formed about 6 years ago. I felt stuck and it was detrimental to my health, which made me feel unhappy with myself.

Regardless of what I tried I had been unable to break the habit for more than a couple of weeks. After a few coaching sessions with Sandra which covered many aspects of my life, I was able to set goals and break the habit.

I feel so much happier and confident now that I am back in control and am very grateful to Sandra for her intervention.

Tracey – Health Care Professional


I benefited enormously from my participation in Sandra’s ‘Beginners’ Pilates Classes.

Sandra patiently guided me through the stages of correct postural alignment and helped me to develop an awareness of the different muscle groups of the vital ‘core’ section.   Within a few classes I was able to identify and use the core muscles in a range of Pilates exercises.  I was amazed at how quickly I was able to increase my core strength with Sandra’s guidance and well-structured Pilates routines.  I found that my improved posture and general core strength was evident in how my body was responding in daily routines and general movement – in everything I did I felt stronger, lighter and more flexible.

Sandra’s commitment to Pilates as an exercise form is reflected in her positive, confident approach to teaching beginners’ classes.  I recommend her classes to anyone wishing to learn to realign their posture, develop core awareness and strength and acquire an improved sense of well being.