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I stumbled across this charity one day in the local paper, and it immediately went straight to my heart.  At the time I had a young teenage daughter and I could only put myself in their shoes.  It is hard enough being a parent, without being a young girl trying to finish school at the same time. 

 This multi-award winning program supports pregnant girls and young mothers in a safe, non-judgemental environment with individual support plans developed by trained case managers.

 Each girl is given the opportunity to develop life skills, parenting, self-worth, healthy relationships, pre & post birth plans and physical & emotional well-being.

 In partnership with Education Queensland, TAFE and the University of the Sunshine Coast, girls will be able to engage with learning pathways towards certified outcomes.

 All girls are given the opportunity to develop their mothering skills through access to a variety of experts involved in maternity services, breastfeeding, child health and Child & Youth Mental Health Services (C.Y.M.H.S)

 All participants are individually matched with carefully selected and trained mentors.

Destiny Rescue

  • Rescues children directly from brothels and red light districts

  • Protects vulnerable children through prostitution prevention programs

  • Provides schooling, vocational training, medical help, counselling, all daily needs

  • Have dozens of safe homes in 5 nations with thousands of children now living safely.

 Destiny Rescue is able to rescue more children as good people like you refuse to do nothing, and stand with them.  Together we are the mums and dads these kids are praying for.  With your support we continue to protect the vulnerable, restore the abused and be a voice for these precious kids.

Pathways Foundation 

My son and his father went on the ‘Rite of Passage’ program together, and loved every minute.  They both have experienced a profound emotional shift that has had a huge ripple effect in our family and we as a family recommend this program to any family that has teenagers.  I only wish that I had found this before my teenage daughter became too old for the program. 

The Pathways Foundation is a National harm prevention charity that assists young people to make the fundamental emotional shift from being a child to becoming a young adult.  The way Pathways achieves this is by providing contemporary, community based Rites of Passage for boys 13-15 years old (Pathways to Manhood) and for girls 12-15 year old (Pathways into Womanhood).