Healthy Workplaces

Healthy Workplaces offers businesses training & education In mind & body health.

When businesses invest in the health & wellbeing of their staff, this will save the business money, increase productivity, builds profits, builds employer/employee relationships and retains your staff for longer periods of time. We specialize in tailor made workplace education & trainings, consultation services and corporate seminar presentations


  • Improved staff health and wellbeing
  • Staff who feel valued
  • Increased staff morale, satisfaction and motivation
  • Decreased stress and other work-related illness
  • Reduced sick leave
  • Fewer worker’s compensation claims
  • Reduced worker turnover
  • Increased return on training and development investment
  • Increased ability to attract new employees
  • Improved alertness and concentration among staff
  • Reduced risk of accidents
  • Reduced long term health problems
  • Reduced health-related litigation
  •  Increased productivity

These benefits mean that business will save money while increasing profits !

The following are the services that we offer …. 


Workplace training is tailored to your business needs and delivered in weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions. It can be delivered either as 1 on 1 coaching, small to large group workshops or a combination of these at your workplace, or other agreed venue. These workshop style trainings are delivered in 2 hour, ½ or full day sessions.


1 or 2 days retreat style program that has a focus on total mind and body health and wellbeing. These retreats can de delivered in house or at a venue away from the workplace, including interstate or internationally. There is a strong emphasis on the practice of peace and wellbeing with mindful practices. There is a combination of activities with this theme including gentle stretch and movement techniques. These retreats are designed to help attendees identify the unhealthy habits may be impacting their life.  They will learn tools and strategies to cope in every day life and in the work place.


A health and wellbeing Consultation is available of your workplace. Depending what your needs are we can review the following areas of your business:-

  • Ergonomics of the work stations
  • Health and wellbeing programs
  • Other potential areas of risk to health and wellbeing of employees

After consultation you will receive an extensive written review with suggestions to improve or rectify.



There are 4 key areas in this formula and they are.

  1. Healthy Backs & Bodies – Safe workplace postural & movement strategies
  2. Healthy Minds – Addresses workplace mind & life stress
  3. Healthy Communication – Improving work place relationships
  4. Healthy Life – Focusing on whole life strategies

What Now? 

Call Sandra Kelly now to organize a suitable appointment time to discuss your business requirements. After consultation you will receive a recommendations report, suggested program and quote.

Sandra Leigh 0409 0625131

About Sandra

Creator and founder of the HEALTHLY WORKPLACE SUCCESS FORMULA Sandra Leigh, knows what it is like to struggle in the workplace with poor health, chronic back and neck problems.

After struggling for years with spinal conditions caused in part by sitting at an office desk for many years, she decided to get out of the office and went onto develop her successful health & wellness business based at Peregian Beach called Pilates Success.

Sandra is passionate about helping businesses create healthy workplaces by delivering educational programs.  The trainings encourage employers and employees alike to take control of their health before it is too late and a chronic condition or conditions develop.

At her Pilate’s business, Sandra sees time and again clients presenting with severe postural back, neck & shoulder dysfunction and associated health problems caused by incorrect workplace postures and stress, these conditions are mostly preventable if they are addressed early.

Sandra has developed a program that will deliver practical education solutions that are designed to bring awareness and improvements to poor health in the workplace.  These trainings are also designed to improve employee / employer relationships whilst building profits for the business due to the cost saving of having healthy staff.


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