To Trapeze or Not To Trapeze

Have you ever done something that you know you shouldn’t?

Well I guess the answer to that is yes, seeing as it is a human trait, and I am guessing you are human. 

When on holidays recently in Bintan Island Indonesia, I was faced with a decision whether to participate in circus trapeze or not. You know those instances, when you are surrounded by friends and you want to join in but know you really shouldn’t do it.

The Circus Master was stating out loud and clear

“ if you have any back, neck, shoulder or wrist injuries you should not do this” (well, that is pretty much my list)  As the little voice in my head said“ don’t’ listen to him Sandra, you are strong, you can do this, you must do this”

To make matters worse, my group of friends are a bunch of self development gurus

So in in my head I was facing my perceived  thoughts on their judgments of me, if I didn’t go ahead. “Oh, she is just scared” “she hasn’t the mindset to do it” “what sort of Pilates instructor is she anyway”

Yes, I was scared, but I definitely had the mindset to do it, be it a bit distorted at the time. I was actually scared of hurting my- self, not scared of physically doing it. And guess what, that is exactly what happened, HA! surprise, surprise look what I did.

Apparently, I am not Pink!

(the entertainer I mean) As I flew through the air for about 10 seconds, my old shoulder injury came back with a vengeance, nice. And worse, it has stopped me from doing what I love to do, Pilates!

I know I am sounding winey, I am okay really, I am not laid up in agonizing pain; I am just frustrated with the lack of movement, strength and minor pain that this resurrected injury brings.

Most of all I am annoyed at myself

Damn I should of known better, I am tired of hurting myself in my pursuit of physical activities. On top of this, I went to the gym on Saturday and most of the class was lifting weights that I couldn’t do due to my shoulder, so I did about 1000 squats & lunges instead, brilliant!

Was this good for me? NO IT WASN’T, I hurt myself even more, my back & hip was still sore 4 days later, making me even more annoyed & frustrated.

When am I going to learn to just do what is good for my body? When am I going to just do what doesn’t cause me pain, gives me more flexibility, mobility and just makes me feel great? Yes that’s right, Pilates and Yoga is all I need with a little bit of bike riding, swimming and walking thrown in.

It is a simple formula, apparently all I have to do is stick to it

And there lies the challenge.  Forget about the gung ho side of me that wants to do all the other things, if I just listen to my body, really listen, it has the answers, I have the answer, it is after all what I teach others, isn’t it?

I have made a decision, I hereby declare, NO MORE CIRCUS TRAPEZE or HARD CORE GYM CLASSES, my body has had enough. I will stand tall and proud on the sideline not caring one bit what other people think. Like a grandma, I will proudly say “no I am not doing that, I might hurt myself” “Oh no thanks I only do Pilates & Yoga”.

This is about leaving the ego at the door

I am done with it. Be kind, be kind, be kind, is my new mantra. This time I mean it, I’m giving it up for good this time, this time is the last time, no more!!!   I am done full stop!!!!

I know you will support me with my problem, I feel like an alcoholic at an AA meeting, this exercise business is a bit like alcohol and hangovers, “never again”  I may just need reminding of the steps again sometime, you remember them don’t you?

I would love to hear your comments

Yours in a strong body & strong mind