Lose Weight AND Look Amazing

Today we were talking about weight loss, and the comment came up that you wouldn’t want to get too thin because you end up called looking gaunt and sick. I totally agree with that, no-one wants to look this way and we have all seen those people that look haggard and worn out after weight loss.

Generally the people that appear this way are going about it the wrong way, they usually are just restricting calories and depriving their bodies of essential nutrients and minerals along the way.  

What happens when we restrict calories is we are also restricting nutrients.  Any sort of eating program needs to be highly nutritious… If you are have weight loss as a goal you must supplement and fill the body up with quality nutrients otherwise the body will just going to stress mode and strip itself of water and muscle causing fatigue and that old worn out look.

Cleansing is exactly the same, the cleanses that you most hear about example being liver detox, colon cleanse or juice cleanse, are just stripping the body of these nutrients and are not replacing or supporting the body enough.

You can lose weight easily, effortlessly and feel and look great at the same time, it is absolutely imperative that if you are restricting your body of food you must also at the same time flood the body with the highest quality nutrients.

Very sadly though our food just does not cut it on a nutritional level these days as studies have show.  We must supplement in order to give our body the 51 essential nutrients that he needs at every single meal and let’s be honest our food really isn’t doing that.

Hence the massive obesity problem worldwide and our overburdened health industry that is just buckling under the stress of a sick population.

If you would like to talk more about how we can help you lose weight , feel and look great at the same time, without that gaunt look,  contact us anytime.

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