I know I bang on about breathing but here are a few more good reasons to master the art of quality Pilates breathing:-
  1. Teaches Quality Breathing
Not just any breathing, but quality full breath. In Pilates breathing we breath in through the mouth to a count of 5, then fully exhale out the mouth to a count of five. A strong focus is on fully exhaling before the next intake of breath.
  1. Expands and Stretches The Intercostal Muscles
The breathing releases the thoracic spine and rib cage allowing a free range of movement in the lumbar and cervical regions.  It expands the intercostal muscles in the rib cage allowing a greater oxygen intake.
  1. Breathing Promotes Postural Re-Alignment.
The more we can breath freely, the less tension we hold in the body, the more we can move. This will in turn promote greater postural awareness as we develop our mind body connection.
  1. Bring Oxygen Rich Blood Cells To The Muscles
Our bodies and our heart have a higher demand for oxygen when we exercise. In order for our muscles to contract and build strength they need an adequate supply of fresh oxygen.  Our heart needs the oxygen to keep it healthy and pumping strongly when under pressure.
  1. Promotes Relaxation
Quality breathing stimulates the parasympathetic system; it brings relaxation into our lives and promotes sleep. The parasympathetic system works by slowing us down and giving us that feeling of calm.
  1. Aids Detoxification
Our body stores toxic waste in our cells and the more oxygen we pump though our systems the more waste our body can eliminate out of our bodies aiding the detoxification process.