Don’t Settle For Being Old !!!

Over the years in my business, time and time again I see that as some people get older they seem to lose the desire or belief to improve their lives, to dream or to achieve amazing things.

It is common for me to hear that because of their age and the beliefs that they have formed around what it means to be getting old or older, they often stop trying to do great things in their lives.

They resign themselves to the fact that ‘ well this is the best it gets at my age’, OR ‘what do you expect, I am old’. It appears to me to be a form of settling, that in their world, it just is a fact and there is nothing you can do about it, or is there?

This belief and thoughts are just so untrue, you are capable of so much more in your life, we all are. Please be inspired, please work harder at being healthier, greater and more awesome than you already are.

Don’t Settle For Being Old…

or unhealthy, this needs a mindset shift and you can change it, you just have to want it enough. “Go down fighting” I say, never become old, never become unhealthy, it is a choice about how you want to live the rest of your life. You know the saying “age is just a number”.

I challenge you to think about where you are settling in your life? Where are you using age as an excuse? Where can you make change for the better in your life, health, relationships or business?

And finally ask yourself, what do I really want? Then listen to the answer honestly, and then pursue it with a passion.

I trust this video will help to inspire you today.

Sandra Kelly

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