3 Things You Must Know About Christmas

Christmas Can Be Sad  While many of us are enjoying spending extra time with our families, it can also be a time for some people to get a little sad about those that aren't with them any longer. I daresay we have all experienced some grief, pain and loss of a loved one, well this time of the year can highlight that painful feeling. By all means take the time to sit and reflect and honor the memory of those lost loved ones and then make a real concerted effort to find joy at this time of the year with […]

Don’t Settle For Being Old !!!

Over the years in my business, time and time again I see that as some people get older they seem to lose the desire or belief to improve their lives, to dream or to achieve amazing things. It is common for me to hear that because of their age and the beliefs that they have formed around what it means to be getting old or older, they often stop trying to do great things in their lives. They resign themselves to the fact that ‘ well this is the best it gets at my age’, OR ‘what do you expect, […]

Beware The Shallow Breathing!!

Have you ever noticed yourself going into a shallow breathing pattern when you get uptight about something? Or maybe this is just your regular breathing pattern and you don’t even notice it? Well, I experienced a few episodes of just that recently. I had an incident where the landlord of my Pilates business failed to send me the invoices so that I can pay my rent. Basically if I don’t receive an invoice or a bill, the bill just doesn’t get paid, pretty sure that is how it works. This has been happening quite a bit over the last few […]

4 Healthy Reasons To Do Pilates Over Winter

1- Avoid Injury There is no doubt that our body gets tighter in winter. This happens for a couple of reasons. One, we are busy trying to stay warn and this can create tension on the muscles, causing tightness. We also tend to not drink enough water in winter, this also contributes to tightness of the muscles and joints. When our bodies are tight, this inhibits mobility around the joints that can lead to injury. A well-stretched and hydrated body in winter will help keep you safe from muscular tears and potential joint problems. 2 – Avoid Winter Weight Gain […]

9 Tips To Holiday Recovery

This is the time of year that many of you, our beautiful Pilates clients, travel overseas. Good on you, living your life to the fullest, I love to see it. You may know I had a recent holiday and it got me thinking about the impact travelling and holidays and have on our bodies.  I know it is not an easy thing to keep up a consistent exercise program when you are travelling. Eating clean and healthy, especially if you are overseas, is difficult as part of the fun is eating different local foods. I was lucky where I was […]

Are Your Muscles Wasting With Age ?

One observation I have noted as an instructor is that some of our ageing clients (which means most of us) really struggle to increase strength and muscle even after exercising and coming to Pilates for several years. There are some people that come to class 2 or 3 times a week and still make very slow progress. Why is that? The answer can be one of many reasons:  The amount of exercise that you actually do, the amount of effort you put in, diet, genetic factors and special conditions all play a role. My experience indicates that in many instances […]

Cleansing Foods To Enjoy & Foods To Avoid

The most important thing to remember when cleansing is to keep your food as clean as possible. Eating whole foods preferably organic if possible. Always drink plenty of water and keep a positive mind.  Foods to Enjoy ▪ Anything Isagenix… ▪ Apples▪ Asparagus ▪ Avocado ▪ Bananas (in moderation) ▪ Berries (blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries) ▪ Broccoli ▪ Carrots ▪ Cauliflower ▪ Chicken- organic ▪ Citrus- lemon, lime, oranges in moderation ▪ Cooking oils (non-hydrogenated coconut, olive, sesame)▪ Cucumbers ▪ Dark, leafy greens (spinach, chard, kale) ▪ Eggs (whites cooked and yokes runny)▪ Extracts- for shake flavors- ALL natural and […]

Tips To Beat The Christmas Bulge

Avoid Going Hungry To Parties. Eat something light before the party to reduce your chances of snacking on high calorie party food. Some healthy snacks include a 200g tub of reduced fat yoghurt, a bowl of cereal or a cheese and tomato sandwich. Don’t try to lose weight over the Christmas season. Instead, aim to maintain your current weight. Watch Your Portion Sizes. If your will power is weak and you know you will want to finish everything in front of you, use an entrée plate instead of a dinner plate. That way you are sure to eat less. Fill […]

Healing Pain with Herbs (Food)

Why Do We Need Pain? Pain tells the rest of your body that something is wrong, it draws your attention to a problem, either external damage like a cut, or internal damage like arthritis. Once you feel pain and realise something needs fixing, you have to diagnose the cause of the pain so you can decide what is needed to heal the pain. With acute pain, like a cut on your arm, the body responds with an internal reaction known as ‘inflammatory response’ where blood (involving white blood cells and the lymph system) are directed to the area to help in […]

BLOG – Pilates Retreat March 2015

FRIDAY MARCH 6TH 2015 10.30 pm leave Pilates Success  We are so organised, bags packed,forms filled out, drivers ready to go, introductions done,  all our participants excitedly have left for their transport, YES…  we are on our way to our first Pilates Retreat !!!! I am feeling satisfied that this is a start of many great things, not to mention friendships, fun & laughter.  11.45 Arrive / lunch  Arrive at our Bush House Retreat to meet up with Cassie, Ged and Trish. Divine food waiting for us as we settle in and enjoy the feast, our eager participants asking curious questions […]