We Have a Worldwide Postural Crisis

I usually like to write positive type blogs and though this one may not change the world, I trust the following will spur you a little to take action. All too often it is apparent to me that we all spend far too much time sitting in a hunched forward position in front of a PC. It is one of the downfalls of the modern age of technology, we have a worldwide postural crisis happening in just about every house and office in the country and beyond.  One of the easiest things we can do to prevent this, is by bringing our […]

Which Path Will You Take?

Today I went on a beautiful morning bike ride down to Coolum Beach. My ride started out perfectly, it was a fine, warm morning, the sky was blue and I could see the ocean every now and then, when there was a break in the bushes. When I changed pathways over to the other side of the road, the path became very uncomfortable and jarring. It was hurting my arms and my back as it was a poorly laid path, very narrow and uneven. I persevered for a while until I realised that I was no longer enjoying what started […]

Small Business Owners Beware The Dream Snatcher

I was recently at a networking event having a brief chat with this guy called John, John asked me what I did, and I told him “I am a business coach for small business owners”. I was somewhat surprised by his response and have since had an opportunity to reflect on his view, giving me a chance to write this blog.  He went on to say, “There are just so many of you guys out there, (coaches he meant) everywhere you go, business coach, lifestyle coach, health coach” and on and on he went. “It must be so hard to […]

Surrender and magic will happen

How much do you resist before you surrender?  I wondered as I lay in a spinal twist at Pilates class the other day. In the background Sade was playing, “I will go down with this ship and I will surrender” she sang beautifully, as I pondered my stiff hips. I relaxed, took a deep breath and breathed slowly through the stiffness, as my hips gradually surrendered in time to the relaxing pose. What are you resisting in your life or business? What are you resisting? Which when you actually start relaxing, and surrendering to the situation, you may just find […]