BLOG – Pilates Retreat March 2015


We are so organised, bags packed,forms filled out, drivers ready to go, introductions done,  all our participants excitedly have left for their transport, YES…  we are on our way to our first Pilates Retreat !!!! I am feeling satisfied that this is a start of many great things, not to mention friendships, fun & laughter. 

  • 11.45 Arrive / lunch 

Arrive at our Bush House Retreat to meet up with Cassie, Ged and Trish. Divine food waiting for us as we settle in and enjoy the feast, our eager participants asking curious questions about our program and us being coy and telling them to relax and all will be revealed. 









  • 12.30 welcome / intro

The unveiling of the program starts, a talk by myself and Cassie about our STRONG BODY STRONG MIND theme, with the emphasis on a happy, healthy mind this weekend. We started with a warm welcome and the revealing of roomies. Everyone is happy with their buddy and we are on our way to an amazing weekend. A few  COOL RULES OF ENGAGEMENT to be read, some questions asked and answered and we are ready to check in. 

  • 1 pm check in rooms / rest

No problems here, the accommodation is so spacious, comfortable and modern and in the most natural Australian bush setting. I am amazed at how relaxed I am feeling as I admire how the bush is part of the living quarters due to the large windows. I am very happy to be sharing with my beautiful Sister Deborah and I feel like a guest rather than a facilitator.

deb san room card







  • 2.30 Orientation walk 

This doesn’t take long as we gingerly stroll around admiring our venue for the weekend. We are almost tempted to hit the pool and skip Pilates, ALMOST I said, but we don’t









  • 3 pm Pilates 

Let the fun begin, oh that is right, it already has. I LOVED this class and was really excited to have 2 newbies that have never done Pilates or Yoga before our Retreat. I feel very honoured to introduce people for the first time and feel a great responsibility to make the first time special (gee that sounds weird)  Cassie and I ending this class with some beautiful essential oils and temple massage, the clients are loving this, I trust that we can back this up.  










  • 4.30 Afternoon Tea 

More divine food, a special home made raw food treat made by Cassie for a little healthy indulgence, this day is getting better by the minute. 








  • 5 pm Free time

YYYAAAAYYY… Pool time. It is warm and the pool and spa are beautiful,  there are not many people here so we have the place almost to ourselves. 

  • 6.30 pm Pre dinner drinks 

We never said it was a health retreat, did we ? so yes, we had some wine. This was a special unveiling and gift giving time of the Mala Beads, reminding our guests of the significance and power of contemplation and the power of wishing for what you want in life. I shared how I use the beads as a tool to create an amazing future, peace of mind and as a special token of our bond of togetherness this weekend. The power of Mala beads have been introduced to me by my coach Duane Alley and it was hugely significant for me to share this powerful tool with my friends. 









  • 7 pm Dinner 

More great food, Filo wraps, meat and vegetarian options, salad, power salad dressing, organic goat cheese & potato salad OMG this food just gets better. A little bit of Madonna dancing with Shelly and Sandra after dinner and it is probably good that we have run out of wine at this stage so that we can get an early night ready for the big day tomorrow. 








  • 8.30 Daily review / close of days program

A few yakkers stay up chatting a bit longer as I head for bed very pleased with the event so far. 


  • 7.00 am Yoga

What an amazing way to start the day with every one participating . We said all along that all activities are optional and Judith indicated that she would not come to Yoga, and there she was, good on you Judith !!!! and she loved it. A great class lead by Cassie ending with partner stretching and a few good laughs, oh and yes Shivasna of course. 









  • 8.30 breakfast 

Organic Muesli, natural yogurt, sourdough breads for toast and Frittata, we are so not doing without today. 

  • 9.30 walk & mindful practice 

A leisurely stroll down to the walking track where we started our mindful practice. We started with mindful seeing, then listening, then walking. I am not giving away too much here as you will just have to come along to the next event to discover the power of this practice. 









  • 11.00 Refreshments review / workshop 

Back at the house with the air con on, it is pretty hot today and we are all feeling it and we are hanging out for a good swim. We have a little workshop on the history and why we do mindful practise, we have a few very special shares within the group but I have cut this short today as we are are all hanging for that swim. 

  • 1.00 pm lunch 

Falefel Falafal, however you like to say it, it tastes great and is one of my favourites, served with a side Spinach, orange and walnut salad made by Cassie. This may not be an official health retreat but we are sure eating healthy.

  • 1.30 Free time

AAHH did I mention the pool ? meanwhile  some of us spent time sharing photos whilst getting to know each other more back at house 45. We are awestruck by Sues son Mitch’s photography, OMG check  out the wolf photo on his landing page

sharing media








3.00 Pilates 

Another great Pilates class. The girls were a little flighty this afternoon, I had to get a bit bossy with them and I kept it short so we could get on with socialising and having fun. 

MUCKING UPin pilates class








  • 4.30 pm Refreshment & Free Time 

We skipped this bit in anticipation for our dinner at the hotel this evening. A couple of us had a bit of happy hour at the pool instead and started what was the session of laughing so hard that I almost wet myself (bad taste comment I know, but the truth HA) . I am not kidding this afternoon was hilarious and we coined the phrase ” what is said at Noosa North Shore stays at North shore” and by  gingy we are sticking to it HA HA! 







  • 6.30 pm  leave to pub via courtesy bus

It really helps to get the right info, apparently the bus leaves at 6.15 not 6.30 but hey, we made it there without missing anything. The hilarious time, conversation and awesome company just got better this evening. We even had a visit from little Sam (Anna’s baby) and her husband Scott. Scott is also a Pilates client of mine, and he is so good at it, that we have nicknamed him Pilates Ninja. He cracks me up, I have to tell you that my job just gets better and better. 

The highlight of this evening for me was the courtesy busy home. Some of us are dirty little stop outs and have to be asked to leave the premises as the last bus is leaving (you know who you are). When we got on the bus, the disco strobe light and pounding music started, it was a shortest party ever, but a fun ride home. Lorelee was smiling from ear to ear she was having such a good time, this really made me happy. 








  • 8.30 Breakfast 

Home made baked beans, thanks Cassie I LOVE beans. Feeling a little sad at this moment as I know our time is drawing near to end. 

  • 9.15 Beach walk

It is pretty hot as we head to the beach, but worth it when we get there. The water is divine with a all of us having a good splash and more great laughs about last night.

beach fun








  • 11.15 Refreshments and closing ceremony 

Almost a little tear here for me, I am so truly grateful to have spent this weekend with these amazing woman at our very first Pilates Retreat. We are also a little sad as we got the news our friend had to leave early due to her business burning down by arson , our thoughts and love you are with you Trish.

We review what was special for us this weekend, each having a little share. For me what was really special was the fact that I felt so relaxed this weekend even though I was facilitating. This I am sure is because of the company we had,we all blended so well and deep friendships were born.  We presented the lovely Anne and Deborah with flowers just for being so special this weekend. We are all pumped and planning the next retreat in September.









Look out ladies I THINK WE HAVE A GANG. 

Blessed am I ….. Sandra Kelly

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