Small Business Owners Beware The Dream Snatcher

I was recently at a networking event having a brief chat with this guy called John, John asked me what I did, and I told him “I am a business coach for small business owners”. I was somewhat surprised by his response and have since had an opportunity to reflect on his view, giving me a chance to write this blog. 

He went on to say, “There are just so many of you guys out there, (coaches he meant) everywhere you go, business coach, lifestyle coach, health coach” and on and on he went. “It must be so hard to be in your profession, because there is just so much competition around out there” “I meet more business coaches than anyone at these events” he said. 


How easy would it be to buy into his negative drama of what he thought my problems were? How easy it would be to react in defense of my profession and in defense of all the coaches out there that want to stand out and be different in a tight marketplace.

 How easy could it be to take on his limiting belief that ‘all of us coaches’ have so much competition that we may just as well give up right now? I thank John for his insights, and kindly return his views to him, as his own. 

Some Lessons As A Takeaway

NEVER assume that you know what someone else’s challenge is. If you are really interested, just ask them “what is your biggest challenge right now?’ you will be amazed at what people will tell you about themselves, if you only just ask.

NEVER take on board someone else point of view if it is in conflict with your own, and especially if it has a negative effect on your emotions or worse a lesser view of your business and yourself. 

NEVER give anyone permission to snatch away your dream. It is your dream, you created it, you nurtured it, so hold fast and embrace it.

 In my experience often times what a person is viewing as a challenge for someone else, is actually what they are facing themselves in their life. Life is a mirror, what are you seeing and attracting at the moment?

We All have Our Own Unique View

Remember, each and every person has their own unique view of the world and obviously this view on this night was Johns very own experience. In my case, I hold true to my dream of building an amazing coaching and training practice and I choose to not allow any dream snatcher to take that away from me.

So thanks John, you have reminded me once again what is special and important to me about my business. What is special about your dream? Please tell me, I promise, I won’t snatch your dream away from you. Contact Sandra to share your unique view