9 Tips To Holiday Recovery

This is the time of year that many of you, our beautiful Pilates clients, travel overseas. Good on you, living your life to the fullest, I love to see it. You may know I had a recent holiday and it got me thinking about the impact travelling and holidays and have on our bodies.

 I know it is not an easy thing to keep up a consistent exercise program when you are travelling. Eating clean and healthy, especially if you are overseas, is difficult as part of the fun is eating different local foods. I was lucky where I was staying because they had a yoga program that I did most days. But for those of you that travel from place to place this may not be an option.

 Now don’t get me wrong I had an absolutely fantastic time enjoying myself away. Lounging by the pool was pretty nice in the tropical weather. However the stresses it caused on my very healthy body were several.

 It started with an overnight flight in an uncomfortable plane, sitting for many hours without moving and no sleep.  Add to that a rock hard bed and very bad pillow at the resort. I was also drinking copious amounts of cocktails (it was Club Med after all). I felt so crappy I started joking that I thought I had sugar poisoning.

1 st World Problem

There were also enormous amounts of food being consumed from the international buffet every 5 minutes, plus the amazing dessert bar, which was of such a high standard, of course I just had to taste as many things as possible.

 There were late nights. I was up past midnight every night, not wanting to go to bed because I was just having way too much fun. All small problems you might say, (definitely first world problems).

 However, my usual daily routine is one of fairly strict discipline. Don’t get me wrong; I am far from a saint when it comes to life and diet. But I do go to bed early, I train every day, I eat clean healthy food, I drink minimal alcohol, I cleanse my body regularly of toxins and I feed my body high quality nutrients.

My Body Objecting Loudly

The point is, my routine is what my body is used to, this is why I can function so well in my everyday life with abundant energy, managing a physical business, life and many stresses that it brings. My body just does not like it any other way and it objected loudly starting after the first day with bloating and inflammation of the joints, and an extra 3 kg on the scale when I got home.

 The following is what I have done to get my body back on track since I came home. I encourage you to make a plan for when you get home too, to lessen the impact, get you up and going quickly and back into Pilates and everyday life sooner.

9 Tips To Holiday Recovery

– Go to bed early and get enough sleep every night

– Drink herbal tea & eliminate tea / coffee out of my diet temporarily

– No or limited alcohol

 – Drink more water

– Relax – sitting still looking out the window and just enjoying the amazing weather we’re having (this is pretty big from me as I don’t sit still much)

– Cleanse your body – either with our nutrition program or fruits and vege juices (I have now started my 2nd double cleanse (2 days) this will well and truly flush out any of the bad stuff that accumulated on my holiday)

– Exercise daily – what ever you can do to move your body in this cooler weather will help with your circulation, digestion etc.

– Reduce carbs & sugar

– Eat more protein, fruits vegetables

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