5 Secrets to Managing Stress

Really ? Only 5

Well I could go on with many more, however that would just become too stressful. Stress is a funny thing, it can be triggered by the smallest thing and at other times those small things don’t bother us at all. Take this morning, here I am, all ready planned and organised to write my long overdue blog and newsletter. I have paid staff to run the Pilates studio, I have given up my morning yoga (something I struggled with for days making the decision)  and all of a sudden there are “THINGS” here at home that are stressing me out.

Starting With My Husband

Starting with my husband, who is sitting looking at Facebook when he knows the cleaner is coming and he should be doing all the things I haven’t got time for. Then there is the daughter, who’s friend has let her down with a lift to Brisbane and now wants me to drive her to the train station, in my allocated blog/ get my act together time. Well, I didn’t handle that very well that is for sure, don’t they know how important it is for me to be productive? don’t they know that I have deadlines? isn’t it is all their fault I am stressed ?  isn’t it ?? mmm interesting.

Time To Take A Pause

Yes, this is interesting that I am writing about stress and getting stressed in the process. Time is getting away from me here this morning and for a person that has so much to do and so little time to do it, I have decided to take a pause after I write this and practice the things I need to do to calm and focus myself. 

The first thing I am doing right now is taking notice, I am jaw clenching and all of a sudden I have neck pain, mmm more interesting. I think I will to go do some breathing, have a big drink of water and walk around the yard. Next up I will eat an orange then relax for a moment with a nice cup of Chia tea, this is such a good idea, then I will start work again.

It Is All Just A Practice 

Yes it is all just a practice, and one I have to do every day. As are these secrets I am sharing with you here. They are my personal practice, my top 5 so to speak, they work for me and I trust they will for you too.

Happy de – stressing my friend 🙂

  1. Take Notice

Signs of stress – Jaw  & fist clenching, teeth grinding, trouble sleeping, altered eating habits, short tempered

What To Do – Practice mindful living & relaxation techniques like meditation

    2. Breath Deep

Signs of stress – shallow breathing or holding your breath            

 What To Do – Learn and practice different breathing techniques e.g. ‘gap breathing’ ‘alternate nose breathing’

3. Move Your Body

Signs of stress – tightness in muscles, pain in back & neck, feeling sick, catching regular colds

What To Do – doing what you love to do e.g. ‘ walking the dog’, Pilates, yes Pilates, yoga, anything just move

4. Nurture Yourself

Signs of stress – not taking time for self, putting others first, drinking, too much alcohol

What To Do –  It is about doing the things you love to do e.g. have a salt bath, massage, coffee with friends

5. Nourish Yourself

Signs of stress – eating crap food, eating too much or too little

What To Do – Stop eating crap and try foods like :- Oranges, sweet potatoes, dried apricots, almonds, pistachios & walnuts, turkey, spinach, salmon, avocados and green vegetables

Love to hear your comments