Surrender and magic will happen

How much do you resist before you surrender? 

I wondered as I lay in a spinal twist at Pilates class the other day. In the background Sade was playing, “I will go down with this ship and I will surrender” she sang beautifully, as I pondered my stiff hips. I relaxed, took a deep breath and breathed slowly through the stiffness, as my hips gradually surrendered in time to the relaxing pose.

What are you resisting in your life or business?

What are you resisting? Which when you actually start relaxing, and surrendering to the situation, you may just find yourself with a different perspective on what it is, that seems to be the problem. What was the problem again?

Often times when we surrender to a situation, this will allow us to be open to new ideas and to view the whole situation, that we were hanging onto so tightly, in a whole new and empowering way.

An example of this in business could be that you might be resisting marketing a Facebook page. I still often hear people saying they “don’t like Facebook and what happened to good old-fashioned conversation?” Who said that? Oh that’s right it was me. It is a good point though, about good old-fashioned conversation. However in business, times have changed and social media is absolutely at the forefront of marketing practices these days and moving with the times will offer you the business support that you need to survive.

When you take the steps you will be surprised

Maybe you are resisting hiring a bookkeeper, which when you actually do take the steps towards, you may just be surprised how much of your valuable time it actually frees up. This time you save hiring business support, will enable you to do other more creative things in your business, activities that you enjoy and god forbid activities that you may actually make some money from.

The time that you save outsourcing theses tasks will leverage your time in a far more economical way in the long run, having a direct impact on your bottom line.

Are you resisting having to deal with a staff member’s performance? Or having a conversation with your partner that just needs to be had, in order to move you and your business forward?

Possibility if you just take the time to surrender to the fact, that the problem needs to be addressed, you may well just find, that it is not as big of a problem as you imagined it was. Remembering all the things in our future are just a product of our imagination.

Today I encourage you to STOP resisting and just surrender to what ever is, let it go and let it flow.  Maybe when you let it go, you will find the answers you were looking for, will appear before your very eyes, just like magic, and we all want a little magic in our lives and business don’t we?


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