3 Steps To A New You In The New Year

Now Is The Time

Now is the time!! just leave all the excuses behind, it’s okay to leave them in last year, because this is now a new year, and isn’t it time that you created a NEW YOU ???

STEP 1 is determining ” WHAT DO YOU WANT?” This is the very first question I ask my coaching clients. Do you want to lose weight ? do you want to exercise more ? do you want to eat healthier food ? do you want to learn how to stress less and laugh more ? 

I know for a fact that you CAN change whatever it is that wasn’t working for you in 2014 and the first step is asking yourself this all important question. WHAT DO YOU WANT ??

STEP 2 is listening to the answer, not the answer you have been telling yourself for a long time, but the real answer, sometimes we need to listen a little more carefully. More often the answer is just sitting in your subconscious mind. Did you know that our actions and habits and almost every thing we do are driven by our subconscious mid? 

STEP 3  is TAKE ACTION…  you may have to change self limiting beliefs, you know the ones.. I am too old to do that.. I am too fat.. I just don’t have the time for that… they are all unempowering unwanted beliefs that do not serve you. You may have to change the way you eat or you may have to make more effort in your exercise habits. Whatever it is, as my Dad always says … JUST DO IT !!!

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